About Us

The Kosher Wine Club is brought to you by the world’s largest kosher wine retailer KosherWine.com. We pride ourselves in our unmatched sourcing of wines, efficient operations, and knowledgeable (yet not snobby) staff and customer service team. We have found a way to bring all of these together on an even higher level with our wine clubs. Our sommeliers curate specialized wines for each club. Our operations team delivers each month, without fail, a beautifully packaged set of 4 wines, with no shipping cost to you. Our staff works hard to create useful notes for each wine club every month, and our customer service can answer any questions you may have about your shipment, whether its in regard to your order, or the bottles themselves.

We appreciate a good shmooze and are always open to feedback. If you’re interested in getting in touch with us you can reach us by the following:

Email: help@kosherwine.com

Phone: 1-845-203-0150 


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