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The Wine Explorer

This Wine Club focuses on introducing you to various regions and varietals which will expose you to the broader wine experience. A great way to step up your wine knowledge and experience!

The Somm's Choice

The wines chosen for this Club are critically acclaimed and known for their exceptional quality. You'll find a nice mix of wines great for your cellar and great to drink now!

The Cellar Master

These wines are for the collector. We will be going heavy on the wines with serious aging potential. Membership in this club will also put you in an exclusive group that gets first access to allocated wines and limited productions!

*All wine clubs include free shipping

How It Works

Wine Clubs are the simplest way to discover the best selection of Kosher Wine on the market at the greatest value. Choose your style, your preference of red or red/white combinations, and get 4 curated wines each month! For more information on your subscription options keep reading.


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 Kosher Wine Club Reviews

  • These guys are great and always accept my feedback. I love having someone who knows my palate and can help me keep up with all the incredible new things kosher wine is doing. - Avi Shapiro - 19th Happy Shipment
  • It's important to me to take a break every once in a while. Whether it's for a date or getting classy with friends, I can count on my monthly wine night and these awesome kosher wines to help me relax and enjoy. -  Walt Harrison - 32nd Happy Shipment
  • It's great to have a new wine to try every Shabbat! - Dovi B. - 7th Happy Shipment
  • My parents got my husband and I a year's worth of wine as a wedding gift. So far, BEST GIFT EVER! Super Yummy and the gift will last us all year! - Yael Krintzman - 3rd Happy Shipment

The Wine Explorer Club

Did you know that thousands of wine varietals exist? Well, although we might not be including them all in this Wine Club, our wine experts are on a never-ending quest to find the best bottles from the world’s top wine regions and varietals, just for you. The Wine Explorer Club offers its members unique wines from around the globe that tell a story, and stay true to their origins/straight from the vineyards to your glass.

The Somm’s Choice Wine Club

Foodies and wine-critic readers, rejoice! Whether you like to drink wine with your meal or simply enjoy fine wines, The Somm’s Choice Wine Club features exclusive and critically acclaimed wines that are recognized for their exceptional quality and for being the perfect food companion. It’s a match made in heaven!

Cellar Master Wine Club

If you like high-quality, premium wines, this club is for you. The Cellar Master Wine Club provides you with monthly shipments of 4 stellar bottles that truly represent excellence in all aspects. Members receive wines that are hand-selected for their quality and cellar potential and often include rare and hard-to-find bottles that are allocated just for Cellar Master Club members. It’s the real deal for wine lovers and collectors.

More Information

Curious about why Wine Clubs have become such a trend lately? Let us explain a little more about how our wine clubs work, and why we think you’ll love them.

  • To begin, our expert sommeliers travel and explore the world’s best wine regions to find unique and high-quality wines. By joining these Wine Clubs, you gain exclusive access to the best Kosher Wine available that you’d never find in your local store.
  • In any given Wine Club, we'll include 4 of the best value for money wines, giving you the freedom to enjoy wines that are discounted below retail value.
  • Lastly, we ship your wines automatically. Whether you’re keeping them to drink or plan on gifting them, our Wine Clubs make the whole buying process a breeze. You choose what you’re comfortable spending and we take it from there.

Subscribing to one of our Wine Clubs is not only fun and great value, but also makes for the perfect gift to give to someone special in your life.

All Wine Clubs come with 2 options: if you’re more into reds, the Red Only choice is best. If you like to mix things up and have the best of both worlds with red and white wine, the Mixed option is calling your name (we’ll make sure to include a delicious rosé come spring-summer season!). Plan on gifting the Wine Club? Make sure to find out their preference in advance!

The Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I cancel at any time?

YES! Month to Month club membership plans can be canceled at any time. Many people prefer to purchase pre-paid wine subscription plans as gifts for family, friends, or business associates. Choose from 4 different membership plans: Month to Month, 3 Month Prepay, 6 Month Prepay, or 12 Month Prepay. The 12 Month Prepay is one of our most popular options for wedding gifts – they’ll think of you each time they drink their wine!

How many bottles come in each Wine Club?

Each Wine Club comes with a monthly shipment of 4 bottles of delicious wine.