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You can join the hottest trend in kosher wine by becoming a wine club member.


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QPR Wine Club

This Quality Price Ratio wine club offers new releases and timeless classics that are selected for their value and quality.

Wine Explorer

This wine club focuses on introducing you to various regions and varietals which will expose you to the broader wine experience . A great way to step up your wine knowledge and experience!

Soms Choice Wine Club

The wines chosen for this club are critically acclaimed and known for their exceptional quality. You'll find a nice mix of wines great for your cellar and great to drink now!

Cellar Master Wine Club

These wines are for the collector. We will be going heavy on the wines with serious aging potential. Membership in this club will also put you in an exclusive group that gets first access to allocated wines and limited productions!


Kosher Wine Club Reviews

"These guys are great, and always accept my feedback. I love having someone who knows my palate and can help me keep up with all the incredible new things kosher wine is doing."

- Avi Shapiro. 19th Happy Shipment

"It's great to have a new wine to try every Shabbat!"

-Dovi B. 7th Happy Shipment

"My parents got my husband and I a year's worth of wine as a wedding gift. So far, BEST GIFT EVER! Super Yummy, and the gift will last us all year!"

- Yael Krintzman- First time Customer- 3rd Happy Shipment

It's important to me to take a break every once in awhile. Whether it's for a date or getting classy with friends, I can count on my monthly wine night and these awesome kosher wines to help me relax and enjoy"

- Walt Harrison- 4th Time Customer- 32nd Happy Shipment 

How It Works

 Wine clubs are the simplest way to discover the best kosher wines on the market at the greatest value. Choose your style, your preference of red or red/white combinations, and get 4 curated wines each month! For more information on your subscription options keep reading.


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More Information

Curious about why wine clubs have become such a rapidly growing industry? Well let us explain a little bit more about how our wine clubs work, and we think you’ll understand.

First, we send our own expert sommeliers scouting every last corner of every last wine region for high quality wine, so clubs give you access to the best kosher wines you’d never find in your local store.

Second, we take the reputation of kosher wine in general very seriously and are only including the wines in our club that get you the most for your money. In every one of our clubs, members get wines significantly discounted below retail value, making wines that may have at one time been a reach, much more affordable. 

Lastly, We ship automatically, so If you are budgeting for wine anyway, or want to give a gift that gives piece of mind, wine clubs make the whole buying process easier. You choose what you’re comfortable spending and we take it from there.

So now that it's clear how much easier a wine club can make your life, or the life of someone you want to impress, you’re probably wondering what the unique benefit of each club is, and why the big price differences?

Well let’s go quickly through each one.

The QPR Club

While all of our clubs go the extra mile to bring you the best Quality-Price Ratio, the curators of this club are tasked with the specific job of finding the wines with an exceptional QPR. This is our cheapest wine club because we are aiming to highlight the great wines available, even on a tighter budget.

The Wine Explorer Club

This club is more about learning the unique qualities of various wine regions or varietals. Our curators are limited to wines that stay true to their origins, and so we take the pricepoint up a notch to find the wines that really do the best job of this.

The Som’s Choice Wine Club

For those who follow the wine critics, or want to, The Sommelier’s Choice is a club of exclusively wines that are critically acclaimed and well known for their exceptional quality. With this club, you are getting what you pay for.

Cellar Master Wine Club

Curating a wine cellar can be fun, but can also be daunting. For the collectors out there that want to build up a portfolio of the finest kosher wines on the market, this club is for you. This club gets you first access to allocated wines and limited productions. 

Once you’ve decided which subscription sounds like a good fit for you, or whomever you want to buy this for, there’s a new important question! Are you/they a red-only kind of drinker? Or do they like to mix it up with whites every now and then?

For the red wine drinkers, if you’re not a fan of white wines, we won’t force them on you. Each option mentioned above can come in a red wine only wine club or as a red/white wine combination for those who would like a mix in their shipments. If you are buying this club as a gift, it would be good to find out their preferences so that no good white wine will go undrunk!

Then comes the most commonly asked question:

Can I cancel at any time? YES! Month to Month club membership plans can be cancelled at any time. Many people like to purchase pre-paid  wine of the month subscriptions as gifts for family, friends, or business associates. We have 3 month and 6 month options as well as a discounted option for the year, which we’ve found makes a great wedding gift!

One Last Question: Is that all?

Well, yes. Easy as that. Choose the club that best fits your style and budget, select whether you want only red wines, or a combination, choose how long you want to subscribe for, and boom! 4 bottles of wine shipped free to your door each month!

As soon as you’ve completed your purchase, you should get a confirmation email with details on your order. We’ll take everything from there, and give you the best, easiest wine buying experience you’ve ever had.